Netflix Releases Video Of ‘You’ Without Joe’s Narration And It’s Terrifying

This makes it so much weirder.


While we 100% shouldn’t, ever since Penn Badgley’s character Joe Goldberg made his way onto Netflix, he’s been a fan-favourite.

We KNOW he’s creepy, and there’s that tiny factor that he’s also a serial killer but hey – he does it all for love so he’s not too bad? Right? Nope, that doesn’t sound good does it.

Well, to prove just how creepy Joe really is, Netflix recently uploaded a video of Joe talking to people without his inner monologue playing out for the audience to hear, and it’s actually weird. So weird, that it even makes you wonder how no-one in his life picked up on his creepiness earlier in the show.

See what I mean? CREEPY.

While there were a LOT of twists and turns that even as someone who read the book, I didn’t see coming, the one thing some fans have fixated on is the fact they believe they may have spotted a blunder in one of the scenes.

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If you haven’t watched the whole of season two yet, then I strongly recommend clicking off this article, because there WILL be spoilers, and I suggest you go and get your Netflix turned on right this second to catch up with the rest of the world.


Eagle-eyed fans were left confused after watching Joe Goldberg struggle to remember whether or not he had killed Delilah after finding her pretty mutilated inside his temperature-controlled book keeping / kidnap giant glass box.

They were mostly confused, because during one of the shots it was revealed that there was actually a security camera inside the storage unit, and they wondered why he hadn’t just watched back the footage to see whether or not he DID commit the crime while he was on LSD, despite knowing in his heart he hadn’t.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Ok didn’t Joe have a security camera to his cage lol why can’t he check that camera to see who killed Delilah?”

A second added: “@netflix – So you’re telling me that not a single security camera exists in all of the first season of You. Not a single one??”

To be fair, it’s a perfectly good question considering he could see Delilah in his apartment after he admitting to fitting a ‘nanny cam’. So why didn’t he apply the same security to the place he kept them hostage? Hmm.

Either way, the second series was incredible, and thanks to Penn accidentally dropping into a recent interview that we’d ‘find out more in season three’ and THAT ending, it looks like we’ve got a LOT more of Joe Goldberg to look forward too.

[Featured Image Credit: Netflix]

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