Netflix Users Are Threatening To Boycott The Service Because Of The Grinch

The Grinch is in a pinch

Netflix Grinch

Something’s rotten in Whoville, and it isn’t just the attitude of the Grinch. With the Jim Carrey-led movie being a firm favourite of the festive season, Netflix fans are as furious as the green meanine himself as the movie is pulled from the streaming service.

Heading back to 1957, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! cemented itself as a firm family favourite. In pop culture, that green grouch has become famous thanks to last year’s Benedict Cumberbatch animation and parodies in the likes of The Simpsons. However, when most people think of the Grinch, they think of Ron Howard’s live-action outing.

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The Grinch made an impressive $345 million at the box office and was the second highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time (sorry Die Hard) behind Home Alone until 2018’s The Grinch overtook it.

Netflix has already announced its impressive Christmas offerings, but those who logged in on December 1 were rightly outraged to find The Grinch has been ditched. Everyone was convinced that The Grinch would remain part of the streaming giant’s Christmas cavalcade, but it looks like this isn’t the case.

Safe to say, the news that The Grinch has vanished just before Christmas didn’t go down well. Posting on Twitter, viewers made sure their voices were heard:

Elsewhere, one woman’s terrifying Grinch-themed tree has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Stephanie Mills shared her glorious Grinch tree on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and fans didn’t know whether to be impressed or horrified.

One person wrote, “Well it’s a good way of keeping your children, family and visitors away from your tree lol.”

Other comments included, “This is so cool”, “I’d poo myself forgetting I’d done that lol”, and “I have Christmas tree jealousy right now.” Someone put it perfectly as they wrote, “Very clever but I couldn’t sit in the room with that at night.”

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So, how did this Christmas cracker come to be? Stephanie said, “May of took 3 hours but I’m in love. Thanks to my mum I can’t take all the credit.” We tip our Santa hats to her for this one, it looks pretty amazing.

Sadly, Netflix users are left looking at Grinch trees instead of settling down in front of the fire with our loyal dogs and an onion to watch this Christmas classic.

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