Netflix’s Creepy New Show Has Left Viewers “Traumatised”

Another one for the list.


Netflix really is enjoying a strong run of form at the minute, Dirty John is the latest to addition to the ever-growing collection of hits.

Alexandra Cunningham has created the show as an adaptation of Christopher Goffard’s podcast from 2017. The original Dirty John followed real-life con artist and sociopath John Meehan, while the show follows suit.

There’s plenty of drama and deception as we delve deeper into the dark mind of ‘Dirty’ John Meehan. Already compared to Netflix’s chilling YOUDirty John is jostlng for a spot in the “Trending Now” section.

There’s a pretty impressive cast for Dirty John which includes Nashville‘s Connie Britton and Hulk‘s Eric Bana. Britton plays Debra Newell — a wealthy interior designer looking for love in all the wrong places — while Bana is the titular Dirty John.

In the show, Bana’s Meehan has a history of deceiving wealthy women and is posing as an anaesthesiologist when we pick up the story.

We’ll try to keep it spoiler-free, but Dirty John basically follows Newell and her whirlwind romance with Meehan that ends with a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas. Only after they’ve tied the knot does John’s mask start to slip and his scheming starts to come out.

Juno Temple and Julia Garner will play Newell’s two daughters as the family is slowly torn apart by John’s ‘dirty’ tactics. All of this leads to the devastating events of August 20, 2016, but you’ll have to tune in to find out what happened there.


Dirty John premiered on Bravo last year but has now found a place for itself on Netflix. Although reception was mixed, Britton still earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film.

A second season of Dirty John is reportedly in development but could feature a totally different story and focus on some more of John’s victims. In the meantime, you can catch up on what you’ve missed so far to see Britton and Bana at their very best.

Dirty John is streaming on Netflix now.

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