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New iPhone 11 Is Triggering People’s Trypophobia

The truth, the ‘hole’ truth, and nothing but the truth

iPhone 11

It’s that time of the year again when Apple unveils its brand new iPhone, and if you’re keeping up with the latest trends, you’ll know the iPhone 11 is the next handset off the starting blocks. While tech fans can’t wait to get their hands on the iPhone 11, others claim it’s setting off their Trypophobia.

For those who dare to Google it, Trypophobia is a fear of “irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps” — well, according to the Association for Psychological Science.

Originally coined in 2005 as an amalgamation of the Greek words for hole and fear, Trypophobia isn’t yet recognised as an actual condition. Still, you try telling that to people who’ve been freaked out by the iPhone 11’s nightmarish camera layout.

Both the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max feature a futuristic three-lense camera. Clustering the cameras in the corner, the new iPhones have been giving people a serious case of the willies.

Be warned, if you’re creeped out by sponges, coral, honeycomb, or even a close-up view of a strawberry, you should probably turn back now!

Posting on Twitter, the iPhone 11 started to trend for all the wrong reasons. One disgruntled fan wrote, “I can’t have people walking around me with those cameras every day”.

Others guessed that the future of the iPhone will continue to add more and more cameras. Will there be some sort of spider-inspired version further down the line?

You might remember when American Horror Story: Cult came out, the seventh season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology involved a whole plot about Trypophobia.

Although there’s not much research into what causes Trypophobia, scientists believe it could be linked to the kind of patterning we find on some poisonous animals and insects. Could this be attached to a dormant part of our primordial brains?

Elsewhere, the University of Kent conducted a study and thinks Trypophobia might be triggered by the way many infectious diseases manifest in cluster shapes.

Even if the iPhone 11 is a Trypophobic’s idea of hell, let’s not pretend these won’t be flying off the shelves. Who knows, maybe Charlie Brooker will turn it into some sort of twisted Black Mirror episode?

[Featured Image: FX/Pexels]

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