A Newspaper Have Started Using Emojis For The Weather Forecast

A solid effort from all involved.

In the most half-arsed attempt imaginable to appeal to youth, The Evening Standard have shook up their weather predictions.

George Osborne has been trying to ramp things up since taking over as Editor. That included dropping London from the paper’s title to appeal to a wider audience.

It’s not just the geographical appeal Osborne is trying to fix either. In an interview with The Drum, Osborne spoke of how he was adding appeal to the youth via things like more showbiz news and, er, weather related emojis?

Apparently the average reader of the paper is 36. Which is in fairness, is already quite a bit younger than the industry standard age of around 55.

Osborne has a fair bit to go to get the youth on side though. Two years ago a 13-year-old letter he wrote emerged stating that the £3000 tuition fees were unfair and a “tax on learning”. Only for him to oversee them triple as chancellor of the exchequer.

Still though, emojis predicting the weather. Wonderful.


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