Now Even Google Is Trolling Donald Trump

They couldn’t resist getting in on the action.

Let’s agree that Donald Trump is a divisive figure, I think that’s the politically correct way to label him, isn’t it?

During his time in office, he’s barely been a stranger to controversial comments that have often bordered on, well let’s be honest, bordered on ridiculous.

His most recent came during his historical meeting with Vladimir Putin, in which he seemingly undermined the whole US intelligence agency in favour of Russia.

In the aftermath he had to make the awkward announcement that he had mixed up the words “would” and “wouldn’t”.

Well now even Google can’t help themselves in getting in on the “take the p*ss” out of Trump action.

Let’s say you wanted to enter the term “idiot” on Google images there’s probably a ton of results you imagine could crop up.

In fact, the search is dominated by none other than the president himself.

Source: Google

Obviously we’re not taking a biased view on this, however when the world’s biggest search engine is firing shots at you, you’ve likely made a few unpopular choices.

In fact you have to scroll some way before Trump actually stops appearing in the search.

Source: Google

Oh Donald, what have you done?



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