The Obamas Are Reportedly In Talks To Create A Netflix Series

This would be pretty great.

Obama made history when he became the President of the United States in 2009, as the first African American to hold the position.

After signing off a number of landmark bills, Obama stepped down last year. His legacy is one that is widely looked upon pretty positively. Particularly amongst young people.

A very different platform

The New York Times have reported that the ex-president and his wife Michelle are in advanced talks with Netflix to produce a series of high-profile shows.

Apparently the deal will see the Obamas paid for producing content exclusive to the streaming platform.

Whilst Obama will not use the series as a method of responding to Donald Trump or other political figures. It will give him an ‘unfiltered method of communication’ with the public.


Early discussions suggest that the series will focus on highlighting inspiring stories.

Eric Schultz, a senior adviser to the former president didn’t confirm any plans but did give some positive indication to the paper.

“President and Mrs Obama have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire,”

“Throughout their lives, they have lifted up stories of people whose efforts to make a difference are quietly changing the world for the better. As they consider their future personal plans, they continue to explore new ways to help others tell and share their stories.”

If ever there’s been a president with the ‘watchability’ factor, it’s probably Obama. He certainly broke the mould when it came to the presidency, becoming the first ‘cool president’.


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