Overprotective Wife Gives A Huge List Of Demands For Stag Do Weekend

Doesn’t she know? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

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Watching your partner head off on a Stag Do can be make or break for some couples. Do you trust your other half enough to let them head off with a group of mates, or will they end up chained to a stripper and doing the unthinkable?

While most of us just bottle up our rage and bitch to friends, one overprotective wife tried to send her hubby off with a pretty extensive list of do’s and don’ts.

Uploaded on Reddit, the anonymous user showcased the demands she gave to her husband before allowing him to step foot on the plane. The likes of no illegal drugs and no strippers are fair enough. No alcohol might seem a little extreme — she cites “hubby doesn’t drink and alcohol leads to bad choices” — but that’s where the normal bit of the list seems to end.

She adds on the likes of no fast cars (taxis only), no swearing, and everyone home by midnight. She sounds like a hoot at parties. However, perhaps the biggest no-no is that his phone must be tracked at all times.

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The woman’s Facebook friends clearly had a problem with the list as well and presumably called her out on the social media site. In the end, she wrote, “Okay guys I have taken your feedback and your [sic] right, I can’t control him once he leaves the house and I can’t control his friends so I’ve just decided to not let him go.”

I’m not sure if any of this is actually serious or if these kind of people exist in the world, but if they do, we’re all in danger!

I don’t know about you, but I’m also starting to think he’s in his own real-life version of Fatal Attraction and she’s going to come running at him with a butcher’s knife.

To be honest, this lad sounds like the perfect candidate to pick up a pair of swim shorts with his gf’s face printed on them. If your significant other is going on holiday and you need to remind him you exist/scare off potential men and woman waiting to snap him up, why not send him packing with a pair of shorts covered with your face?

The genius/bunny boiler idea of YesCustom means you can add your face to a pair of swim shorts for just £23.05. Opting for either a multi-face option of the slightly less more subtle faces alongside “I love you”, the options are frankly endless.

YesCustom Swim Shorts

Obviously, the idea isn’t just for men and women who want to warn rivals away from their partner’s junk. It’s pretty easy to see these turning up on Stag Dos around the world. Don’t worry though lads, there’s a chance for revenge.

YesCustom also has bikini options, meaning you can take your sweet revenge and demand the Mrs wear your face on the beach. Personally, I would just like an outfit with hundreds of tiny Lewis Capaldi faces on them.

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