People Are Blaming Thanos For Facebook Going Down Yesterday

It’s not the first time the Marvel villain has been blamed.

Pexels / Disney

The whole world fell apart yesterday when Facebook and Instagram suffered major outages.

As the issue showed no signs of fixing itself, rumours began to circulate that Facebook had been targeted by hackers – something which the company denied.

So what was the cause of the major issues both social platforms suffered for most of yesterday? Some people are blaming Avengers villain, Thanos. Naturally.

This isn’t the first time the Mad Titan has been blamed for digital failings. Fans also pinned YouTube’s outage last October on the Marvel character.

Facebook is no stranger to controversy when it comes to personal data. When the ‘five year challenge’ was doing the rounds, many accused the platform of launching it to boost their own facial recognition technology.

The social giant recently came in for scrutiny after admitting that it allowed apps like Spotify and Netflix to access personal messages. 

Facebook insisted access had been given so people could log into services like Spotify with their Facebook account and send messages through the app.

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