People Are Giving Themselves Temporary Sunburn Tattoos

This is SO dangerous.

I’m not one to question anyone else’s life choices, but as an extremely pale person who gets burnt the second I walk out into the sunlight, this has to be one of the silliest things I’ve ever had to write about.

If you clicked on this article and are reading my words right now, then you’ll know that yes – it is indeed true that people are actually giving themselves some gnarly sunburns in different patterns to create ‘temporary tattoos’, and I cannot stress enough to you how incredibly dangerous this is.

To be completely fair, a lot of people on the #SunburnTattoo hashtag have posted pictures of ‘accidental’ burns, where they’ve got marks from either their all inclusive wristbands or watches, but between those you can find people giving instructions on how to actually burn a temporary tattoo into your skin. I can’t, I honestly can not.

[Featured Image: Instagram]

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