People Are Kicking Off About The New Black Mirror Trailer

It’s probably not the worst problem to have.


I’m sure we can all agree the prospect of a brand new season of Black Mirror is a very exciting thing indeed.

The show is set to return this June, probably to make us fear all kinds of technology and humanity in general – but we love it all the same.

Despite that the new trailer has left a few people feeling a little underwhelmed.

One of the main criticisms, if this really can be a criticism, is that there are too many recognisable “mainstream” faces in this series.

Taking a quick glance through the YouTube comments on the clip, the top comment at the time of writing reads: “I don’t mind the big names too much but it seems everyone agrees the aesthetic and tone feel stronger when there mostly people who aren’t too well known.”

There are certainly some big names drafted into this season, including Avengers’ (and new Captain America) Anthony Mackie and pop star Miley Cyrus.

Another person replied: “Yes definitely. Most of the actors in season 1 2 and maybe 3 were actors who were virtually unknown. A lot of actors at that time never got their big hit movie or series. So when we saw the people we thought hey this is a cool character. Whilst when we see miley cyrus as the actor, we think of hey its miley cyrus and dont think of the character as a blank slate but rather associate them with the celeb portraying them.”


The other major talking point has come thanks to this run only being three episodes long – which if anything is more of a compliment than anything.

One comment blamed the show’s recent interactive episode, Bandersnatch, for that: “They spent too long and too much on bandersnatch & now we only get three episodes this season, still excited, just a tad disappointed.”

This all being said, we’re still just as excited all the same.

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