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People Are Shunning Pancakes For Yorkshire Puddings This Shrove Tuesday

Brilliant idea.


If, like me, you think pancakes are pretty much the most disgusting food ever invented, then you’re in luck. Finally, our needs are being catered to.

Every single bloody year, Pancake Day comes around and the majority of the population gets excited. Why? I have no idea. To me, it just looks like a greasy, thin omelette with sugar and lemon juice on – no thanks. Then we inevitably have to explain to our friends, family, even co-workers, that we don’t like them and all of a sudden WE’RE the weird ones?! Strange.


Anyway, now people are beginning to revolt. As everyone knows, deep down, the best use of milk, eggs, and flour is the British delicacy itself – the Yorkshire Pud.

Company Plusnet is calling for the whole nation to shun the pancake and instead celebrate the Yorkshire. 

They explained that the pud is “the unsung hero of the roast, the gallant holder of gravy and the beacon of all things right with the world”, adding: “to celebrate the pudding in all its glory, Plusnet is on a mission to get the nation to pan Pancake Day this Tuesday (5th March) and champion the Yorkshire Pudding instead.”


Plusnet CEO, Andy Baker, said: “We’re proud of our Yorkshire roots here at Plusnet and Yorkshire Puddings are one of our region’s most famous exports. For too long pancakes have monopolised the batter battle and we wanted to level the playing field on their biggest day of the year!”

What do you reckon? Pancakes or puds? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image credit: Instagram – adina_shollenbarger/maxnmeg04

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