People Are Saying IKEA Have Already Won The Christmas Advert Wars

This is incredible

Every year has an absolute wealth of Christmas adverts descend onto our TV screens – but an unlikely contender might have already secured the crown as the greatest Christmas advert of 2019.

IKEA’s seasonal advert, which has drawn praise from across social media, features none of the normally Christmas balladary. No Lily Allen or Elton John are to be found here, instead IKEA have opted for legendary UK Grime MC D Double E.

The advert, which is all about ‘showing shame the door’ and ‘silencing critics’ for Christmas season has opted to use a new seasonal tune from the grime MC.

The advert has drawn praise for being a real and non watered down portrayal of a grime song and using a ‘proper’ member of the culture, rather than a singer/rapper with a more mainstream appeal.

The full lyrics to the advert follow: 

‘I must confess
This place ain’t blessed
This place is a mess
This tables older than
The pyramids
At least it’s newer than the mirror is 
Those curtains looking tired
Decorations are tired
 Look you style is fired
It’s like somebody
Hit it with a bulldozer
If your house was a car
It would get pulled over”

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