An Artist Has Created ‘Pollution Pods’ That Simulate Air Quality In Five Cities

A real eye-opener.

An installation by Michael Pinsky features five pods being pumped with pollution to mimic the quality of air across different major cities.

London, Trondheim, Sao Paolo, Cairo, Beijing and New Delhi are the cities that participants can experience.

The team behind the creation are hoping to study the ‘psychological effects’ of people who encounter climate art.

“We see potential in art. Art is about emotions — and it speaks to us more directly than a scientific report. Art can trigger an emotional reaction, which doesn’t usually happen in environmental communication,” says NTNU professor Christian A. Klöckner, head of Climart.

Obviously the researchers don’t want to put the public in danger, so have replaced any harmful chemicals with non-toxic ingredients.

The domes are part of the Starmus festival, which runs from 18 to 23 June in Trondheim, Norway.

The researchers are also investigating which feelings make us most willing to change our habits — such as fear, happiness, anger or empathy.

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