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If You Want To Be Rich, Avoid Studying These Degrees

You need to pay off that loan somehow…


We know money isn’t everything, but it’s pretty damn important. 

Now we’re not saying don’t follow your dreams or anything like that. After all, your passion for something will often outweigh the financial benefits on offer.

The reality is though, if you’re spending thousands on your time at university, you’ll want to see some kind of return on your investment.

These figures are taken from a recent study based on graduates five years after leaving their course.

Historical & Philosophical Studies – £25,547


Social Studies (Excluding Economics) – £24,819


Biological Sciences – £24,536


Combined (Joint Honours) – £24,520


Education – £24,385


English Studies – £23,906


Psychology – £22,399


Communications (Including Media Studies, Journalism and Publishing) – £22,293


Agriculture and related subjects – £21,989


Creative Arts & Design – £20,085


Anyone else feeling pretty crappy about their life choices right now? 





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