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Poundland Is Launching A £2 Lunch Meal Deal And It’s Incredible Value

This is not a drill.


When it comes to our choice of lunchtime meal deal, people can get very irate and judgmental.

Personally I’ve always believed Boots offers the best value for money in the chicken triple, Naked smoothie combination.

Step up Poundland though – which is looking to blow everyone’s lunchtime out of the water.

The budget store’s new offering will only set you back £2 and includes a sandwich, packet of crisps, drink and a chocolate bar – abandoning the traditional three item combo.

Each of the items would usually cost £1 so you’re basically saving a couple of quid by buying the meal deal.

You can choose from chicken salad, chicken stuffing, ham and cheese, egg and bacon, tuna and sweetcorn, egg mayo, cheese and onion and BLT for your sandwich.


Crisp flavours include quavers, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar and sea salt and chocolate options are Bounty, Mars, Snickers, Topic and Twix.

There’s a generous range of drinks including 7Up Free, Barr soft drinks, Irn Bru, Old Jamacia Ginger Beer, Pepsi Diet, Max and Max Cherry, R Whites Lemonade, Tango and Vimto.

Poundland is reportedly planning to add more items to the deal too.

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