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The Complete Harry Potter Collection Is A Bargain In The Cyber Weekend Sales


The Works / Warner Bros

The Black Friday sales really can be a minefield, there’s a lot of value to be had but it’s not always straightforward.

It’s sometimes hard to tell just how much you’re actually saving, meaning it’s important that you do your research and shop around.

What’s certain though, is getting the full collection of Harry Potter books for less than £40 (including delivery) is a handy saving.

The Works

Coming complete with all seven books, the product description reads:

“Dive straight into wicked wizardary after Harry receives endless letters from Hogwarts at Privet Drive in The Philosopher’s Stone!

Meet the reckless house-elf Dobby and discover Ron’s flying car in The Chamber of Secrets!

Discover what happens when the Knight Bus crashes through the mysterious darkness in the Prisoner of Askaban!

Compete in the Triwizard Tournament, celebrate Halloween and wait for the selection to be made by The Goblet of Fire!

Battle with the dementors in The Order of the Phoenix or uncover the dark secrets of the wizarding world in The Half-Blood Prince!

And finally… will Harry succeed in his fight against The Dark Lord in The Deathly Hallows?

This extraordinary collection is a fantastic gift for all Harry Potter fans, young and old – sure to take pride of place on any bookshelf!”

The Works

If you’re looking to treat that special Potterhead in your life, you may want to be quick as the discount won’t last forever – at that price, it’s unlikely stocks will either.

You can grab your complete collection from The Works online now.

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