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Primark Just Opened Its Central Perk Cafe And Could It BE Anymore Incredible?!

This looks incredible.

Primark / Warner Bros. Television

Despite the final episode of Friends airing way back in 2004, interest in the show is just as strong as it ever has been.

From the show’s addition to Netflix, to festivals dedicated to Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and co, we’re never too far away from Friends being in our lives.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the beloved sitcom and to mark the occasion, Primark in Manchester has remodelled its cafe to mimic the iconic Central Perk.

The results? Well they’re pretty incredible.


Friends fans are understandably excited about the new addition.

Fans will be able to indulge in a range of New York-inspired drinks and snacks. The cafe will also offer an array of Friends’s memorabilia, from T-shirts to tote bags.

Meanwhile we recently learned that our favourite couple from the show almost nearly didn’t happen.

Paul Rudd recently revealed his time as Mike was only meant to last a couple of episodes.

Thanks to his on-screen chemistry with Lisa Kudrow he actually ended up appearing in 18 instalments.

“I have really fond memories but doing that many episodes? That was news to me,’ Paul told the Metro.

“It was never the original idea. I only ever signed on for two episodes but they kept writing more and had more ideas for that character, so it was certainly exciting – but it was a strange phenomenon to work with this very well established and highly regarded group of people known all over the world.”

Rudd’s character Mike was introduced to the story when Joey agreed to double date with Phoebe – only Joey obviously forgot to bring anyone.

We later find out that Mike only agreed to the last minute get-together after being promised a free dinner, which he obviously never got.

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