Prince Louis Made His First Royal Appearance

He looks so grown up!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought along their entire brood to the Queen’s Trooping The Colour ceremony, and fans couldn’t get over how grown up Prince Louis was!

(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

How adorable is he?! He’s all grown up and it’s so cute to see. Prince Louis couldn’t attend last year’s Trooping The Colour due to only being six weeks old (which is currently the same sentiment for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new-born baby Archie). However, here he is enjoying the planes that are flying over Buckingham Palace in honour of his grandmother, The Queen.

Before he made his appearance on the grand balcony, photographers had managed to sneakily get a few photos of the young royal pointing out the window.

Trooping The Colour is a ceremony each year to commemorate the Queen’s second birthday. Yep, that’s right – good ol’ Lizzy gets to have two birthdays each year, with one falling on her ACTUAL birthdate which is April 21, and the second taking place on June 8th which is a giant ceremony for everyone to enjoy.

The one-year and one-month year old definitely stole the show from his grandmother today, however. Cute as a button!

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