Rapper Slowthai Accused Of ‘Borderline Sexual Assault’ At NME Awards

Nothing Great About This

Northampton rapper Slowthai is in hot water after winning Hero Of The Year at the NME awards. The annual awards ceremony saw his award presented to him by comic Kathrine Ryan, before the pair exchanged words.

He was accused of sexually harassing Ryan and making comments about her, including that she “wanted him to tend her flowers” whilst groping her.

He also said: “Babygirl, I don’t want to have to do this to you right now, but everybody – she needs to understand the levels right now,” and continued, “If you want to do something, see me later,”before walking off.

It was followed by a string of complaints on Twitter.

Katherine Ryan then chimed in on Twitter, claiming the situation did not leave her uncomfortable.

After the situation with Katherine Ryan began to diffuse, Slowthai threw his microphone into the audience resulting in a fight with an audience member. The rapper threw his champagne into the audience and jumped into the crowd after a crowd member threw his microphone back at him.

Slowthai has yet to comment on the situation, though the NME has issued a short statement explaining the rapper was ejected from the award ceremony.

Fans have speculated that associated acts, including Tyler The Creator and Brockhampton could stop working with the rapper, who released his debut album Nothing Great About Britain last year.

Featured image credit: BBC / Method Records

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