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Researchers Have Designed A Font That Can Improve Your Memory

Your new revision tool.


One thing we can all agree on in this life, is that revision is God awful.

Large chunks of exams often fall down to how good a person’s memory is, rather than their actual knowledge of a subject.

This leaves those who may struggle with remembering large pieces of information at a disadvantage when it comes to exam time.

Australian researchers could be on-hand to help those who aren’t blessed in the memory department though.

RMIT University

A group at Melbourne-based RMIT University’s behavioural business lab and design school teamed up to create “Sans Forgetica” – a font that helps the reader remember information.

After studying around 400 university students, researchers found an increase in those remembering information written in the new font.

57% of students who read information in Sans Forgetica remembered information, compared to 50% of those reading plain text.

RMIT University

Typography lecturer Stephen Banham said the font had an unusual seven-degree back slant to the left and gaps in each letter.

“The mind will naturally seek to complete those shapes and so by doing that it slows the reading and triggers memory,” Banham told the Guardian.

Senior marketing lecturer Janneke Blijlevens said “desirable difficulty” played a part in the font’s design.

“When we want to learn something and remember it, it’s good to have a little bit of an obstruction added to that learning process because if something is too easy it doesn’t create a memory trace,”

“If it’s too difficult, it doesn’t leave a memory trace either. So you need to look for that sweet spot.”

The font was actually designed with year 12 students in mind, who were trying to cram in information for upcoming exams. The designers also believe it could help people studying a foreign language and elderly people struggling with memory loss.

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