There’s A Bad Lip Reading Video From The Royal Wedding And It’s Simply Glorious

A simply glorious creation.

Over the weekend the royal wedding became the worldwide spectacle everyone expected it to be, with millions tuning in to witness Harry and Meghan tying the knot.

It was a momentous occasion, with many believing it to be a sign of the monarchy, often labeled as an outdated system, stepping into more modern times.

Aside from all of that, it also gave the internet an endless supply of memes, as well as gifting us an unlikely hero in the form of Bishop Michael Curry – who stole the show with his 14 minute sermon on love.

Now we’ve been gifted another piece of unbelievable content, courtesy of the guys over at Bad Lip Reading, who have hilariously dubbed over proceedings with their own questionable take on what was actually occurring.

Audio from the wedding has been a particular talking point. A recording of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding ceremony is set to be released on vinyl. A task the recording’s producer was taking very seriously.

“Capturing the words and music of this Royal Wedding is a great responsibility, knowing how much a permanent record of the event will mean to so many people around the world,”

It’s not the first time Bad Lip Reading have put their own perspective on current affairs. They released this amidst the controversy surrounding Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.


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