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Science Proves That Being A Dog Person Is Good For Your Health

Dogs rule.


Ask anyone who owns a dog, and they’ll tell you that it’s the best thing they ever did.

Not only are they GREAT for Instagram content (oh come on, they are), they’re also good for your health.

Although, if we’re being completely honest, this actually applies to all pets. Yes, even you cat people can bask in the glory of the fact that all pets are good for you.


Elite Daily spoke to Dr Danielle Forshee, a doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker, who explained that talking to your pet creates and sustains a healthy bond between you and your pet, as well as having a positive impact on your mental health.

She also suggested that the very act of owning a pet can ‘reduce stress, help fight depression, lower blood pressure, and prevent heart disease’.

Plus, although they obviously can’t talk back, the bond that forms between you and your pet is the same as between human and human. She explained that talking to your pet the way you would to a friend or someone in your family is beneficial for both mental and physical health.


So when you get home tonight and see your four legged best friend, remember to tell them all about your day. Maybe even discuss the ever-expanding universe and the mysteries that are contained within it. Yeah sure, they won’t have a clue what you’re on about (unless you start talking about walks or treats), but you will reap the benefits in terms of both your mental and physical well-being.

What did we do to deserve dogs?!

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