These Are The Best Hangover Cures According To Science

This is a very important public service announcement.

World ending, life meaningless general regret. We know a hangover, trust us. That’s why we’ve put together this handy little guide to beating them.

We’ve picked apart fact and fiction to give you an actual scientific insight into what will help fight that grim feeling and make you feel human once more.


Not only does the magical pear lower cholesterol, relieve constipation and reduce inflammation they also apparently reduce blood alcohol levels!


Lemon & lime flavoured soda is extremely useful in breaking down alcohol enzymes. Of 57 different drinks studied, sprite was the most effective.


Despite otherwise being pretty unappealing, the healthy green contains a high number of enzymes also useful in breaking down alcohol.


When you drink, you obviously pee a lot. When we do this, we lose vital potassium. So bananas, avocados are all your friends at this point.

Coffee and Ibuprofen 

A classic, “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. The combination of caffeine and anti-inflammatory help counteract the effects of alcohol.


Hear us out on this one. ‘Rebounding’ helps your lymphatic system to flow which in turn can speed up the draining of toxins. A pretty daunting one to take on for beginners of the hangover world though.


Before all of this happens though, here’s Louis Theroux to narrate your night out.

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