The Church Of Scientology Are Launching Their Own TV Network

This could be…Interesting?

Scientology is something that’s always had a shroud of mystery surrounding the whole religion.

No one has ever really managed to publicly detail what actually goes on. We just hear these questionable tales that make the whole thing sound even weirder.

Founded by American author L. Ron Hubbard in 1954 the religion has rarely been far from controversy. From leader David Miscavige allegedly abusing members to the infiltration of the US government.

Now the religion will launch its own 24/7 TV channel, perhaps giving our clearest (likely very biased) view into what goes on behind the secretive doors.

It does feel a lot like an advertisement for some kind of expensive cruise holiday rather than a church.

Past controversies

  • Organised harassment of those deemed enemies of the church, including ex-members.
  • A disconnection policy in which members are required to shun family and friends who are ‘antagonistic’ towards the church.
  • The death of Lisa McPherson whilst under the care of the church.
  • Attempts to legally force search engines to remove information critical of the church.
  • Abuse allegations towards the church leader and senior figures.

Which celebrities are scientologists?

John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Beck, Juliette Lewis are all known followers of the religion. The church has a history of seeking out famous musicians, actors and public figures to endorse their beliefs.

It’s not the first time the church has utilised TV. This year was the sixth time they had used the Superbowl to reach people.


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