Scottish Politician Embraces Being Turned Into A Meme

A quick way to score votes.

From the outside politics on the whole is a fairly boring subject, packed largely with unsavoury people we probably wouldn’t share a beer with.

That being said, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has won over the internet after embracing his new-found meme status.

Perhaps it’s just a cheap way to secure votes but it’s always nice to see someone from such an alienated field embracing something we all understand.

After a reshuffle of the Scottish cabinet, new photos were released of each member which included both a ‘happy’ and ‘serious’ pose.

Quickly, people began to seize on the opportunity…

R.I.P original recipe Iron Bru…

It’s not just Humza either, you can find the full photoshoot here for all your meme creation needs.

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