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Sony Has Unveiled A 16K TV And It’s Bigger Than A Bus

Imagine watching Game of Thrones on this beauty.


It’s incredible how far along technology has come when it comes to televisions in such a short space of time.

Mind you, it shouldn’t be that surprising, given how essential they have become in nearly all of our lives.

Now Sony has unveiled a game changer of a screen with a 16K TV that is two storeys high.

Throwing the old comforting phrase of “size isn’t everything” to the wind, Sony’s new product is a staggering 19.2 metres (63ft) wide and 5.4 metres (17ft) high.


Not only is the size ridiculous but the quality isn’t half bad either – boasting 64 times more pixels than a 1080p HD screen.

The TV is currently being installed at a research centre built for Japanese cosmetics group Shiseido in Yokohama.

It was announced by Sony at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas.

Strategy Analytics’ David Mercer told the BBC: “We’re moving slowly towards 8K TVs at the end of the decade and who knows how long it will take to get beyond that, so 16K is likely to be limited to the corporate world for the time being.

“But there’s no doubt about it. These displays are incredibly impressive in person – even 8K on a big display is almost mesmerising.

“When you get to this resolution it delivers almost a quasi-virtual reality experience as your eyes perceive there to be depth to the content.”

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