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The Emotional Stages Of A Student’s Christmas Holidays

It’s a rollercoaster from beginning to end.


Remember the days of simply enjoying Christmas? Time off, presents, food. It was all bliss.

After strolling happily out of the term’s last lecture, students across the nation head back to our student houses to pack up their things, assured by the knowledge that soon we will be enjoying the luxury of food not constantly cooked (or microwaved) by ourselves.

Lecture notes, folders and laptops are packed with confidence, knowing we have a long stretch of time to get all of our work done before coming back in the new year.

Early Stages

The first week or so of the Christmas holidays are a breeze as students reunite with ‘home friends’, discussing how ‘yeah uni is still going great, I can’t believe how quickly first term went though!’

Moving On

After Boxing Day, a few of the more motivated students may begin to dwell on the looming deadlines and the threatening dissertation or project that for some reason has not appeared fully completed no matter how often you think ‘I’ll get it done!’

Perhaps a word document will be opened regretfully, as these optimistic work-attempters slowly make their way through a pile of Christmas chocolate that they think they deserve, given the fact they opened the word document.

The Panic

Along with most of the world, time somehow merges into a mess of days until suddenly, the thought of deadlines is lost amongst ‘Happy New Year!’. But then, waking up on January 1st,  not even hangovers can distract us from the terrifying fact that the work we’ve been putting off all this time is suddenly due very soon.

Should I Just Drop Out?

The final week of the student’s holidays are usually not holidays at all, but a blur of internet tabs, word counts and repeatedly checking the presentation slides to see if the topic of our work has suddenly actually become clear.

It’s All Over

When the first day of the new term rolls around, students everywhere are entirely stressed, sleep deprived and ready for another holiday, as the assignments are handed in just in time for a wave of new essay questions to be set.



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