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Starbucks Adds New Drink To Menu To Celebrate Pride


To celebrate Pride, Starbucks has introduced a brand-new drink – the glitter frappuccino.

Your favourite ice-cold drink just got even better as from Thursday, 5th July to Sunday 8th July, you can pick one up. The catch it, you can only get them from one of the eight coffee shops along the parade route at London Pride.

Sadly, it is not yet a world-wide thing. Damn.

Starbucks is sponsoring the event yet again (this is actually the fourth time they’ve put money behind the celebration), so it makes sense that they’d want to do something extra special in store.

The shops that will have the glitter frappuccinos are: 159 Great Portland Street, 60 Wardour Street, 170 Wardour Street, 3 Great Marlborough St, 34 Carnaby Street, 22 Princes Street, 13 Harewood Place and 1 Langham Place.

Carol Muldoon, from Starbucks, said: “Every year we look forward to celebrating Pride with our partners and customers.

“This year we’re celebrating with some wonderful moments from our beautiful Glitter Frappuccino for our customers to enjoy along the Parade route to the 160 partners marching in the Parade.”

You can expect to see these beautiful limited drinks all over Instagram over the next few days.

Despite it being 2018, there are still unfortunately a number of countries where being anything other then straight is an issue.

We recently covered the countries across Europe that have the worst ratings for being ‘LGBT friendly’ – using information from The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

Their statistics focus on the violations of human rights towards LGBT people throughout every country in Europe. It wasn’t surprising to find that Eastern Europe scored the lowest.

However, these are the 10 countries which appear to be the most LGBT friendly.

10. Netherlands – 64.44%


9. Spain – 66.81%


8. Denmark – 67.69%


7. Finland – 68.27%


6. Portugal – 69.16%


5. France – 70.92%


4. Belgium – 71.86%


3. United Kingdom – 75.73%


2. Norway – 77.74%


1. Malta – 91.04%



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