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The Six Stages Students Go Through After Getting Their Student Loan

From agony to ecstasy and back again.


Is there anything more tormenting than the days leading up to that sweet, sweet student loan landing in your bank account?

Plotting through all the things you can buy, not living off a diet of rice micro-meals, being able to actually leave the house and socialise? Basically doing all the things you’ve not been able to do for the last four months or so.

Here’s the all too familiar stages we’ve been through in the build up to and the aftermath of loan day…

1. Waiting

Any minute now, I’m going to buy everything…


2. Everyone else gets theirs

BUT WHERE IS MINE?! Did I fill out Student Finance properly? Will I be poor forever?


3. It finally drops

Here we go…


4. You’re a baller for a week

Outfits, drinks, takeaways… Is this how the other half live?


5. You realise you haven’t bought anything you actually need for your course

It’s fine, everything’s fine, there’s some left…


6. There’s none left

Only 4 months until the next one…


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