Student Blacks Out And Wakes Up Midway Through 350 Mile Uber Ride

Think your hangover is bad?

Taxi rides are often pretty awkward things. A cocktail of painful silence topped with the occasional forced and unwanted conversation.

We’d take all of that in a heartbeat though over what a West Virginia student went through for his Uber home.

I can’t even begin to fathom the horror that must have run through the lad’s head when he came around and realised what was going on.

Following on from that, there’s the small matter of the bill to worry about. That side of things set him back a cool $1,635.93.

So you know, not ideal.

You know them times, the morning after a big night? When you think nothing could feel any worse than that head-splitting hangover you’re currently sporting?

Yep, just read this. We’re pretty sure it’ll make you feel much better about your own situation.

It does kind of beg the question why the driver was allowed to take on such a ridiculous sounding journey. Especially with someone clearly not in the best state of mind?


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