Students Across The US Are Walking Out To Vote Today

Though only one third of millennials say they will definitely vote.

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Students across the US are planning a huge election day walkout today, using the campaign to encourage young people to vote.

At 10am, students will leave their high schools and colleges across the country, marching to their polling stations and cheering on those eligible to cast their votes.

Walkout to Vote is a project of the Future Coalition – a national network of youth-led organisations and initiatives, including groups like March For Our Lives.

“By bringing together young people across communities, issues, and organizations, we will ensure young people show up to the polls in record numbers and send a bold message to politicians and the country that young people are unified in our demand for change. Even if students aren’t old enough to vote, they are still encouraged to lead and participate in the walkout to help make our message heard.”

The walkout counteracts the news that around only a third of millennials say that they will definitely vote today.

Thirty-one percent of millennials say that they will definitely vote in the midterms according to results from a new NBC News/GenForward survey.

An additional 26 percent said that they would probably vote. However around a quarter are still uncertain on whether they would vote whilst another 19 percent said they would probably or definitely not vote.

Young people are historically less likely to vote in midterm elections than presidential elections.

A majority of millennials overall (63 percent) do not think that Congress represents the interests of people like them well. About a third (35 percent) think Congress represents people like them well.

Even among likely millennial voters, a 66-percent majority say Congress doesn’t represent people like them well. Thirty-four percent think Congress represents the interests of people like them well.

Obviously we can’t stress enough the importance of using your vote, whatever your political stance. It’s a right that you’re fortunate to have, one that many people across the world still fight for.

You can find your nearest polling place here.




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