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Students Have Rated Their Favourite ‘Drunk Food Spots’ Across The UK

Any glaring omissions?

In what is without a doubt the most important competition this year, students have picked their favourite fast-food spots to hit up after a few pints.

For most, we probably don’t truly appreciate cheesy chips and gravy until after a couple of beers – making the importance of such a league table a high priority.

The Drunk Food Index has been pulled together by the guys at using a number of important factors that can make or break a decent takeaway.

The factors taken into account:

  • After Hours Points (opening hours) – For every hour after midnight that a food establishment is open, one point is awarded. To bring fairness and consistency to the ranking, this is measured on a Friday – traditionally a big night out in the university week.
  • After Club Grub Points (proximity from student union or main university campus) –Proximity score is worked out using a tiered points system, rewarding establishment closer to the University. For example, if a food establishment is a 0-5-minute walk away from the university, 10 points are awarded. If an establishment is 5-10 minutes away, nine points are awarded. This continues down to zero points.
  • Student Saver Value – Student Saver Value is worked out by benchmarking the price of a recommended dish on the menu vs the price of a Big Mac Medium Meal (£4.29). For every 20 pence cheaper than the popular dish is, one point is awarded.

Your top five drunk food spots:

1. Nabzy’s, Liverpool

After Club Grub Points: 8
After Hours Points: 4
Student Saver Value: 8
Total: 20


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2. Chicken Base, Reading

After Club Grub Points: 8
After Hours Points: 5
Student Saver Value: 7
Total: 20


3. Trailer of Life (aka the Van of Life), Cambridge

After Club Grub Points:9
After Hours Points: 3
Student Saver Value: 7
Total: 19


4. Runnymede chicken and ribs, Egham

After Club Grub Points: 7
After Hours Points: 0
Student Saver Value: 11
Total: 18


5. Dorothy’s, Cardiff

After Club Grub Points: 8
After Hours Points: 4
Student Saver Value: 5
Total: 17

A worthy top five?

On topping the index, Mr Tabarik, Owner of Nabzy’s commented:

“Hundreds of students eat in our stores every day, and our reputation lives on thanks to them. Over the years, we’ve fed chicken and chips to the same students, from Freshers Week, until they leave the city – and really feel part of the local community. It’s an honour to feature at the top of the index, and be the go-to takeaway for students in the area – even when we have to have drunken heart-to-hearts with them!”

The full top 20 can be found below:

  1. Nabzy’s, Liverpool
  2. Chicken Base, Reading
  3. Trailer of Life, Cambridge
  4. Runnymede Chicken and Ribs, Egham
  5. Dorothy’s, Cardiff
  6. Clark’s Bakery, Dundee
  7. Patrick’s Pizza, Durham
  8. Munchies, Newcastle
  9. Buddies, Brighton
  10. AJ’s Food Bar, Leicester
  11. Abdul’s, Manchester
  12. Taka Taka, Bristol
  13. Hassan’s Street Kitchen, Oxford
  14. Aslan’s Kebab, Sheffield
  15. City Kebab, Belfast
  16. Chicken Cottage, Holborn, London
  17. Viallis Fast Food, Leamington Spa
  18. Crispy, Leeds
  19. Palmyra Pizza, Edinburgh
  20. Pizza Land, Birmingham

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