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Swizzels Is Looking For A Brand-New Sweet Inventor

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the job for you.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Willy Wonka, then Swizzels has the job for you.

They’re currently on the hunt for someone to come in and invent a new sweet. I know, it sounds like the stuff dreams are made of – but it’s true.

Not only would you be able to invent your very own tasty treat, but you’d also get to see it be made in their Derbyshire factory.

The whole reason they’re doing this is to celebrate its 90th birthday. Cool, right? Imagine what they’ll do for their 100th. Anyway, they want to make a sweet that has been invented by someone who loves the brand. The winning sweet will be available in stores.

Credit: Swizzels

Jeremy Dee, managing director of Swizzels, said: “We’re hugely proud to be celebrating 90 years of Swizzels. We’ve stood the test of time thanks to our loyal fans, both old and new, with some having enjoyed our classic inventions for decades.

“We’ve been busy coming up with exciting inventions for generations, and now it’s time for our fans to get creative and help us make the next big sweet invention!”

Credit: Swizzels

Emma Herring, new product development manager at Swizzels, added: “We’re calling on our fans to come up with weird and wonderful flavour combinations or new twists on classic tastes.

“The winner will get to work with our product development team to see their ideas become a reality. Good luck!”

If you fancy trying your hand at sweet inventing, just head over to their website where you can submit your ideas and even peruse their very own inspiration gallery.

They’ve also started their own hashtag in case you fancy seeing what the competition is up to. Don’t you just love social media?

Just follow #MySwizzels

Make sure you send us some freebies when you win though. Thanks.

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