Teacher Releases Jake Paul Diss Track And Completely Kills It

“Don’t be dissing me ‘cos your teacher was whack”

During teacher appreciation week, YouTube star Jake Paul released a track calling out the education industry and his past teachers.

He begins the video, which features Lil Tay, by asking a teacher “Why don’t you tell us some sh*t that we’re actually gonna use in our real lives?”.

After watching the clip, Matt Preston, a special education inclusion teacher at Hawley High School in Texas, hit back with his own creative response. 

Starting off with him watching Paul’s original video, Preston, who also coaches the football, basketball, and golf teams launches into his fightback track which details all the great things teachers do.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, the teacher said he first thought the video may be a tribute to a teacher when it appeared on his feed.

“As soon as I heard his song, it was kind of instinct in me. I just knew I had to respond,”

He also added that his favourite part of the job was “the ability to really influence and impact a kid who may not have [support] at home.”

A sentiment he touches on with the line “some of these kids see me, more than their own dad”.

Matt says the video became a school-wide project during the final week of term.

It’s unclear whether Jake Paul had seen the video, however one person who certainly had was his brother, Logan, who’s comment sits pinned underneath the video.

Source: YouTube

A personal highlight has got to be sheer brutality displayed by the teacher as he calls out Paul’s style:

“So how you gonna’ diss me with that Disney Channel flow?”

The video has been watched more than 300,000 times since it has been uploaded, being met with overwhelming positivity.

Jake Paul’s original video has been viewed nearly 9 million times.


Featured image source: YouTube


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