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Teepees For Your Pets Exist And They’re The Cutest Little Hideouts

Messenger Fur babys deserve the world. Just from the way they look at you when you return …read more

Fur babys deserve the world. Just from the way they look at you when you return from a long day of work, or how they run around and act like you’re the only person in the room (until someone comes in with a snack and their loyalty to you completely disappears).

Because they deserve the world, over the years pet lovers have created tons of new and exciting products that are made just for pets – and this one that I’m about to show you today is quite possibly one of the most exciting.

Some genius has created teepees for pets – meaning that your little furry bff can pretend they’re going glamping at Coachella and have their very own special space that they can sneak last night’s dinner into.

Amazon has a whole variety of pet teepees (Credit: Amazon)

For just £19.95 on Amazon, you can currently get a gorgeous black and white geometric teepee that even comes with a cushioned bottom – so your pet can fall asleep in pure comfort and luxury.

This particular teepee would be perfect for a smaller animal, like a cat, rabbit or puppy – but if you’ve got a fur baby who’s a bit on the bigger side, then you can get the same teepee style, but it’s a bit bigger and for a bit more of a price here.

The grey striped one in the very top image is from will set you back £19.99, and even gives you the option to add a name plate for your fur baby.

If you’re thinking all these options aren’t quite you, then you could check out this teepee from My1stYears – who specialise in upmarket pet teepees.

Now this one will set you back about £65, but it has a lot more space, looks very comfortable and can even be made to customise it with your pet’s name on the front.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about ready to give my fur baby the gift of teepee this Christmas. You could even put cute little lights over the house and make them feel all snug.

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