The 50 Coolest Neighbourhoods In The World Have Been Revealed

It’s a pretty comprehensive list.


We live in a time where travel is more accessible than ever. Budget airlines, overnight trains and Google Translate, they all make the whole idea of adventure much more doable.

Immersing yourself in the local culture of an alien country has become much more appealing than acting like a tourist. Finding the hidden gems that only the locals knew existed, trying food that would never have dreamed of trying.

Time Out has ranked the coolest places across the globe that you’ll almost definitely be adding to your bucket list after reading.

“To help us out, we went to the experts: local Time Out editors and writers across the world, who know the city like nobody else. We also asked more than 15,000 people around the world about the best (and most overrated) neighbourhoods in their city as part of our City Life Index survey. We wanted to know: is there a buzz about the area, with cool new venues opening? Can most people actually afford to live there? Is it a great place to stay for someone visiting the city? Most importantly, does it feel like a place that’s on the up?”

Here are the neighbourhoods that made the top 10 and a little bit of information on each:

Embajadores, Madrid

“To the north, Plaza Tirso de Molina is the territory of florists by day, and at night fills with young revellers queuing to get into Medias Puri, the city’s club of the moment. To the south are Tabacalera and La Casa Encendida, two huge cultural centres standing like transatlantic vessels run ashore in the middle of the city. You can dine on Indian specialities served atop a flowery oilcloth, or get a divine Moroccan lamb tagine for an absurdly low price. Nightlife and street life, street art and high culture, food and people from across the world: in Embajadores, you’ll find it all.”

Euljiro, Seoul

“Made up mostly of printing presses, warehouses and old-school fried chicken eateries, Euljiro has become the latest hotbed of hidden bars and cool cafés. The contrast is most noticeable at night as printers pore over tomorrow’s paper and trendy kids crawl into seemingly abandoned warehouses.”

Nueva Villa de Aburrá, Medellin

“Far west of Medellín’s best known hotspots, the city’s rockers, punks and metalheads thrive in Nueva Villa de Aburrá. It’s home to La Villa, a horseshoe-shaped plaza that transforms daily from a stately promenade to a throng of music-loving youth. With a history of peaceful political protest, Nueva Villa de Aburrá has established itself as a neighbourhood of free love and sociopolitical engagement as well as a place that celebrates new traditions, like its now annual hot sauce and electronic music festivals, challenging outsider expectations of Colombian life.”

Metaxourgeio, Athens

“The once-grand neighbourhood of Metaxourgeio in Athens was almost abandoned for years, but now a patchwork of artists, activists and NGO volunteers are breathing fresh life into it. Its crumbling neoclassical buildings are emblazoned with emotionally-charged murals by local graffiti writers.”

Princípe Real, Lisbon

“The name of this Lisbon neighbourhood literally means ‘Royal Prince’, and with restaurants, bars, stores, and art galleries everywhere,
 Princípe Real is clearly attempting a rise to the throne. Hang in the coolest bars, shop at the dopest stores (one of them, Vintage Department, has a stuffed polar bear to greet you), hit up its colourful club nights (Príncipe Real is Lisbon’s gayest neighbourhood) and refuel at the hottest restaurants, from tapas to ceviche.”

Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, Paris

“The historic cradle of Paris’s Kurdish and Indian communities, Strasbourg-Saint-Denis has a unique style: a brilliantly surreal mess. Greasy spoons cafés rub shoulders with the trendiest gourmet restaurants and some of the city’s oldest establishments, like Brasserie Julien, classified as a historical monument.”

Neukölln, Berlin

Neukölln is the constantly-evolving anti-establishment melting pot at the heart of Berlin cool. Look past the graffiti and grime and you’ll find a neighbourhood constantly reinventing itself. What was once abandoned is made new, turned from wasteland into the latest smoke-filled bar, vegan café or unmarked gallery – all independently run.

Yanaka, Tokyo

Tokyo‘s Yanaka is cool, but in an unassuming way. Visitors are often captivated by its antique atmosphere, but in recent years, a new creative energy has been breathing new life into its streets and buildings without altering its old-world architectural make-up.

Highland Park, Los Angeles

North-east LA’s leafy, low-key neighbourhood has shed its former dive-bar vibe. Now it’s a hub of handsome cocktail spots that have tipped Highland Park toward the distinction of being LA’s most exciting, rapidly evolving nightlife scene.

Fitzroy, Melbourne

Formerly a working-class suburb north of Melbourne’s Central Business District, Fitzroy has become the city’s artistic haven. Hip Melburnians shop for designer brands, athletic wear, vintage clothes, records and weird and quirky finds.

The full 50 coolest neighbourhoods can be found below:

1. Embajadores, Madrid

2. Euljiro, Seoul

3. Nueva Villa de Aburrá, Medellin

4. Metaxourgeio, Athens

5. Princípe Real, Lisbon

6. Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, Paris

7. Neukölln, Berlin

8. Yanaka, Tokyo

9. Highland Park, Los Angeles

10. Fitzroy, Melbourne 

11. Peckham, London

12. Noord, Amsterdam

13. Ancoats, Manchester

14. Enmore, Sydney

15. Bandra West, Mumbai

16. Shuk HaPishpeshim, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

17. West Village, New York

18. West Loop, Chicago

19. Tangba Jie, Chengdu

20. Osu, Accra

21. City Bowl District, Cape Town

22. Sant Antoni, Barcelona

23. Monti, Rome

24. Leith, Edinburgh

25. Hornstull, Stockholm

26. Sololaki, Tbilisi

27. Phibsboro, Dublin

28. Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro

29. Former French Concession, Shanghai

30. Roma, Mexico City

31. Cedofeita, Porto

32. Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta

33. Wynwood, Miami

34. Hayes Valley, San Francisco

35. Wan Chai, Hong Kong

36. Ari, Bangkok

37. Petite Italie, Montreal

38. Karlín, Prague

39. Dufferin Grove, Toronto

40. Central District, Seattle

41. Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

42. Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

43. Kadıköy, Istanbul

44. Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

45. Kitay-Gorod, Moscow

46. Langstrasse, Zurich

47. Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

48. South End, Boston

49. Sanlitun, Beijing

50. Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

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