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The Creator Of Fortnite Is Using His Money To Stop Deforestation

Well played, sir.

Epic Games / Pexels

To say Fortnite enjoyed a strong 2018 would be the understatement of the century, few things dominated pop culture quite like the battle royale-style game.

With such success you’d expect the masterminds behind the game, in this case that would be Epic Games, to be enjoying a pretty healthy boost to their bank accounts.

You would not be wrong.

Epic Games

Epic’s founder, Tim Sweeney apparently now has a staggering net worth of around $7.18 billion. So what do you do with such wealth? Yachts, mansions, a trip on that weird rocket that Elon Musk is building?

Apparently Sweeney is putting his fortune into a much more noble cause. Vigor News reports that he has put a lot of his fortune into conservation projects, and he’s been doing so for the last decade!

In an effort to help save forests in North Carolina, Sweeney purchased 40,000 acres of land. He’s also donated an eye-watering $15 million to help protect 7,000 acres of the Box Creek Wilderness, which sits at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and his efforts don’t stop there.

Speaking about Sweeney’s contributions, The Mind Unleashed writes:

“Sweeney’s conservation efforts come at a time when protecting our nation’s forests has become increasingly important. A study led by North Carolina State University professor Nick Haddad and conducted by 24 scientists, found that there are only 2 truly intact forests left on Earth.”

As for Sweeney himself, he spoke about the passion he has for the environment, saying: “This is a first step – there will be other places protected. The goal is to connect South Mountains State Park to Chimney Rock. This is one piece of the puzzle.”

In 2017, Sweeney went on to buy another 193 acres of land in Alamance County (at a cost of close to $2 million), a move which has prevented the land being developed.

IN 2018, Sweeney also purchased a 15,00 acre area to stop it from being converted into a golf course.

He said of the purchase: “I bought this land because it has a nice longleaf pine forest and was available for a reasonable price. I’ll be holding it until I find a permanent nature conservation home for it, which will take years or decades.”

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