The Game Of Thrones Cast May Have Confirmed Jaime Is Still Alive

The twist we’ve been waiting for?



This final season of Game of Thrones has flown by – unfortunately it’s not been met with the same kind of critical acclaim as past seasons though.

Perhaps we’re all just used to the twists and turns of Westeros by now – but it was only the last episode that really felt like it featured major deaths in the storyline.

Or did it?

So as most of us assumed, Daenerys ended up switching and laying waste to King’s Landing despite it being filled with innocent people.

In the final moments we see Jaime eventually make his way back to Cersei, despite being badly injured from his battle with Euron.

The pair share a wildly emotional moment, before seemingly being crushed by the collapsing city around them – a pretty disappointing way to go, all things considered.

Could Jaime have made it out alive though?

As The Metro points out – stars of the series have been doing the usual paying their respects to Lena Headey, praising her performance as she bowed out of the show.


There is a very distinct lack of mushy posts directed towards Nikolaj Coster-Waldau though…

Obviously it’s very much clutching at straws, maybe everyone just liked Lena a lot more – though Nikolaj seems like a pretty sound guy, so where are his tributes?

Even Entertainment Weekly, who usually share the first interview with every fallen actor immediately after their character snuffs it, are yet to release a chat with the Kingslayer.

Meanwhile we recently learned what it was that Jaime said to Brienne of Tarth off-screen to make her cry in THAT scene.

The episode’s director, David Nutter, shared an ad-lib line that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said to spark the moment.

“When I was shooting Gwendoline [Christie]’s close-up, what I asked Nikolaj to do is, I asked him to say — after he finished his dialogue — tell her, ‘I don’t love you anymore’,” he told Collider.

“And basically, Brienne is such a sensitive person, as is Gwendoline, that that’s basically the thing that he’s saying… but he’s not saying it too directly.

“So I basically had him say it off camera and when he did that, she basically lost it completely and that’s the reaction that was actually kind of recorded at that point.”

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