The Lion King Fans Hate The New Version Of Hakuna Matata

Fans aren’t ‘roaring’ about the remake

Lion King Hakuna Matata

While Hakuna Matata is supposed to mean no worries (for the rest of your days), fans are HATING the new version of the iconic song in Jon Favreau’s The Lion King. Hoping to be another box office behemoth like The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, The Lion King is trying to claim its place at the top of Pride Rock.

The soundtrack of 1994’s cartoon classic was what really made The Lion King, and to be honest, if you didn’t spend your childhood bopping to “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”, who really are you?

Apart from James Earl Jones’ anticipated return as Mufasa, there’s a whole new cast of A-list stars to lead the remake. Alongside Donald Glover as Simba and Beyoncé Knowles as Nala, Doctor Strange‘s Chiwetel Ejiofor has a leading role as Scar.

With Yoncé part of the ensemble, we’re expecting some pretty impressive vocals for Nala, but what about the rest of the cast? Although it just wouldn’t be The Lion King without songs like “Circle of Life” and “Be Prepared”, “Hakuna Matata” is supposed to be a fan-favourite.

Although “Hakuna Matata” is performed by an all-star trio of Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, and Donald Glover, that’s not enough to appease those haters out there.

When Disney released a clip of “Hakuna Matata” to promote the movie, the marketing move spectacularly backfired. One angry fan posted a side-by-side of the two versions, and it didn’t take long for the internet to explode with outraged 1994 Lion King supporters.

This isn’t the only backlash the ‘new’ version of The Lion King has faced. When the first trailer surfaced, fans royally kicked off at the look of Ejiofor’s Scar.

A million miles away from Jeremy Irons’ slightly camp version from the cartoon, Ejiofor’s Scar is terrifying to behold — quite literally. Posting on Twitter, audiences questioned why the big bad of the Pride Lands looks like he’s just been dug up.

The emaciated version of Scar doesn’t look he’d be much of a match for the broad-shouldered Mufasa or adult Simba.

That being said, let’s not pretend we won’t all be flooding to cinemas to see Favreau’s movie. Everyone loves The Lion King — even if Simba’s mouth doesn’t move.

[Featured Image: Disney]

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