The Maker Of The Ring Is Creating A Momo Movie

Just when you thought the horror was over


Uh oh, Hollywood is preparing to give us all nightmares with a Momo movie. Earlier this year, parents were up in arms at the emergence of the terrifying Momo. The stretch-faced woman was apparently haunting the internet and telling children to do awful things or face the consequences.

In the end, Momo was exposed as a hoax for some twisted parents to grab their five seconds of fame. Still, the core of the story was scary enough to frighten plenty of people and seems ripe for some Tinseltown magic, à la Slender Man.

Now, the director of 1995’s Japanese version of The Ring wants to create a Momo movie to cash in on the trend of viral horror. Deadline reports that Orion Pictures is working on a Momo project that will put this haunting horror front and centre of her own movie.

While there are literally no details on what the movie will involve, it will include the legendary pairing of Taka Ichise and Roy Lee. The duo are maestros of horror and famously worked on the Grude and Ring franchises.

The Momo Challenge involved kids being contacted through WhatsApp and other social media channels. Momo would then give them instructions on how to harm those closest to them. To be honest, it already sounds like the storyline of The Ring where you had seven days to make a copy of a haunted videotape or get murdered by a long-haired demon.

As for the real origins of Momo, it was simply a statue called Mother Bird that was part of Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso’s 2016 exhibition. There is ‘some’ truth to Momo though. Aiso’s statue was based on the Japanese folklore legend of Ubumea — a venomous bird that snatches kids.

The Ring 2002
DreamWorks Pictures

Still, you can imagine a big-budget Hollywood horror where the statue comes to life and causes kids to go on murderous rampages. Even Kim Kardashian was drawn in by the whole debacle and shared an Instagram post with her 145 million followers as she warned them to look out for Momo.

Thankfully, the Momo Challenge was simply a hoax and apparently wasn’t as widespread as we thought. Although there was plenty of scaremongering, no children (or anyone else) was actually harmed by the Momo Challenge.

[Featured Image: ITV/DreamWorks Pictures

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