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The Motorola Razr Is Returning With An Eye-Watering Price Tag

Hello 2005.


In what can only be described as the ultimate nostalgia trip, Motorola are looking to remake their iconic Razr handset.

The Razr was groundbreaking in 2005, the ‘sleek’ design was the first of its kind and it quickly became as much a fashion accessory as it did a phone.

The revolutionary flip-phone paved the way for more modern designs as mobile phone companies left behind the clunkier handsets that would never fit into your present-day skinny jeans.

To this day, there’s been over 130 million Razrs sold around the world and it’s still the best-selling clamshell phone of all time, which is insane.


As Hollywood is obsessed with reboots, phone companies are following suit. Just like Nokia reinvented its legendary banana phone, Motorola is keen to bring back some of its firm favourites. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Motorola Razr is coming soon and plans to ‘slice’ through the mobile phone market.

Dutch tech site Mobielkopen has released some potential designs for the Razr, which prove not much has changed in the past 14 years. As well as running Android, the new Razr will apparently feature a foldable screen similar to the one Samsung showed off at last year’s Developer’s Conference.  Although the Razr is still in its testing phase, it could launch as early as next month, meaning it would likely appear at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

The Motorola Razr was a goliath of its day but was eventually toppled from the top spot by the iPhone. Celebrities that endorsed the handset were the above Paris Hilton, The Black Eyed Peas‘ Fergie, and even David Beckham.

Lenovo now owns Motorola and has teamed with Verizon to sell the Razr in America. It’ll cost you though if you want a taste of the ’00s. The new Motorola Razr comes with a rather sharp price tag of $1,500. We still expect Ms. Hilton will be splashing out on one though.

Lenovo plans on releasing 200,000 of the high-end handsets, which promises to be a must-buy for us nostalgia-obsessed Millennials. You’d better start saving!


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