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The New McDonald’s App Sounds Like A Game Changer

More than ready for this.


McDonald’s has once again stepped up the game, in the form of their new app. 

Sure, it might sound like a boring update, but there’s one bit that’s particularly interesting. Customers will soon have the ability to order their food in advance, meaning they can swoop in and out in as little time as possible.

It also keeps human interaction down to the very minimum, a clear bonus when you’re doing the Sunday morning, slightly hungover breakfast run.

They’ve also announced that soon, another huge change is coming: “Imagine ordering, then parking at McDonald’s only for your meal to be brought directly to your car. Or being able to order your favourite McDelivery from the very same app. It’s about to happen, people. 2019 is set to introduce lots more exciting features to the My McDonald’s App.”


The app’s available for free on both Apple and Android.

So what else do you get from it? Well, they’ve handily answered that for us too…

READY WHEN YOU ARE Order and pay for your meal in the app ahead of time for stress-free collection at the counter, straight to your table or even at the Drive-Thru. The app will signal a notification to the kitchen as soon as you enter the geo-area meaning your order will be made fresh to order as soon as you arrive – genius!

SAVE YOUR FAVES Big Mac your go-to order? Perfect! Store your best-loved meals in your ‘Favourite section’ and you’ll be able to order again and again at the touch of a button.

GHERK-IN OR GHERK-OUT? Love cheese but hate pickles? The app has you covered! Just a couple of taps of your phone and you can fully customise your burger EXACTLY how you want it. No sauce? No problem!

TASTY DEALS Smartphone users will be able to collect digital McCafé loyalty points on the app as well as gain exclusive access to limited edition deals, meaning you’ll be able to get mouth-watering deals before anyone else. It’s worth downloading for the cheap nuggets alone!

This comes after the fast food chain suddenly wiped its strawberry and toffee ice cream sundaes from the menu. Leaving unaware customers livid.

The sundaes disappeared from menus across the country from September 26, seemingly without warning.


Restaurant bosses explained the decision had been made as the desserts “weren’t very popular”.

The 99p sundaes were around way before the popular McFlurry, though it seems the latter have placed the final nail in the coffin.

Still, it hasn’t stopped customers complaining about the loss, upset that they didn’t get to say a final goodbye.

Responding to one of the complaints on Twitter, McDonald’s confirmed that the sundaes were now a thing of the past.

If you’re struggling to cope with the news, you can always try the new ‘McAffogato‘ drink craze that has swept the restaurant.

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