The Next Season Of Stranger Things ‘Might Feature A Chernobyl Crossover’

You’d better start practicing your Russian accents

Stranger Things Chernobyl

As Stranger Things continues to be one of Netflix’s most popular exports, have the Duffer brothers teased that the next run of episodes could feature a crossover with Chernobyl?

There was a big Russian presence in Season 3, and while Stranger Things might seem a million miles away from HBO’s gritty Chernobyl, that doesn’t mean Matt and Ross Duffer won’t pull from real history for their show.

Stranger Things has already made a name for itself by retelling the events of Project MKUltra, but now, redditor Gamer_nation takes the whole theory one step further. The post-credits scene of Season 3 saw those sneaky Soviets having captured a Demogorgon in a secret base and neatly set up Season 4.

Gamer_nation splits the show into a definitive timeline and gives us some musings for what comes next:

‪”Season 1: Winter 1983‬ (Christmas)
Season 2: Fall 1984‬ (Halloween)
Season 3: Summer 1985‬ (Independence Day)
Season 4: should be Spring 1986 ‬(Easter and probably goes into spring break)”

It definitely marries up with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 26, 1986. The post continues: “Doctor Owens said that they use something familiar to convince the public to not look any further into the strange happenings. So did a nuclear reactor explode or did El have the greatest battle of her life?”

Chernobyl Cast

It’s important to note that while Stranger Thing season 3 included some cute nods to Day of the Dead, Back to the Future, It, Die Hard, and even Scarface, taking a real-life disaster like Chernobyl might be a bit of a stretch for the sci-fi favourite.

Speaking of Season 4, fans think they’ve already clocked the shows next big twist. Things are looking pretty grim for Jim Hopper — have the Duffer Brothers really done the unthinkable and killed off Daddy Jim?

“The Battle of Starcourt” ended with Winona Ryder’s Joyce detonating the machine that keeps the gate to the murky Upside Down open. Jim’s fate was seemingly sealed as he was (presumably) turned to dust alongside the villainous Russians.

In classic Marvel Cinematic Universe style, Stranger Things delivered a jaw-dropping post-credits scene that gave Hopper hopefuls a silver lining. As some shifty Russians discussed recent events, they made reference to “The American” locked in a cell.

Jim Hopper Stranger Things

Could Jim be having a little vacation against the snowy backdrop of the USSR? Considering Grigori frequently referred to Jim as “The American”, it isn’t too much of a leap to make.

Whatever happened to Jim and whether Season 4 will go full Chernobyl remains to be seen. Stranger Things has become known for its epic wait between seasons means there’s probably a while before we get to return to the Upside Down.

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