The Reviews Are Finally In For The Gavin & Stacey Reunion Episode

Do we ever find out that happened on the fishing trip?

Gavin & Stacey Special

Oh, what’s occurin’ — the first reviews for the Gavin and Stacey Christmas reunion are in. It’s back to Barry Island as the whole gang gets together for one final hurrah. Are Nessa and Smithy still together, how’s Pam’s diet going, and what does Baby Neil look like now he’s not a baby?

Back in 2010, Gavin & Stacey bowed out with an acclaimed New Year’s Day special but seemed to end well before its time. With strong ratings and plenty more laughs to be had, Ruth Jones and James Corden called time on the BBC comedy after just three seasons.

Gavin & Stacey Finale

We’ve championed a continuation for years, and now, Gavalaaaaa and the gang are back. After what seems like an eternity — and the cast repeatedly saying they left their characters behind in 2010 — there was a surprise announcement that we’ll be getting a Christmas special.

As the first reviews trickle in ahead of Gavin & Stacey‘s December 25 return, it sounds like things are “absolutely lush” with this long-awaited revival. With the British press being treated to an advanced screening of the one-off, they could barely contain their excitement.

Sharing their reviews online, one journo channelled Alison Steadman’s legendary Pam Shipman and simply wrote, “Oh my Christ”. The rest of the reviews followed suit as they praised this beautiful return to form for Gavin & Stacey:

In case you weren’t already over the moon that Jones and Corden managed to reunite themselves, Matthew Horne, Joanna Page, Steadman, Larry Lamb, and Rob Brydon, the first reviews have us seriously pumped for the special.

There are already high expectations that Gavin & Stacey could join the many fan-favourite Royle Family Christmas specials and maybe even topple 2009’s iconic “The Golden Egg Cup”. The big question still remians on whether this is once again the end of the road for Gavin & Stacey or whether Nessa will keep on trucking?

Either way, you know where you’ll find me on Christmas Day. I’ll be sat in front of the TV with an order of Chicken Bhuna, Lamb Bhuna, Prawn Bhuna, mushroom rice, a bag of chips, keema naan, and nine poppadoms.

[Featured Image: BBC]

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