The Simpsons Could Finally Be Cancelled According To Long-Serving Star

Never thought I'd see the day.


The Simpsons without-a-doubt will go down as one of the greatest ever television shows to grace our screens over the last three decades.

30 seasons in the show has already taken the crown for longest-running American sitcom and longest-running American scripted primetime television.

However thanks to the Disney – Fox merger, an element of doubt has been cast over the future of the show, or at least the nature of it.

Yeardley Smith – who voices Lisa Simpson – has warned that The Simpsons creators would rather “cancel” the show than allow Disney to alter its legacy.


Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, she said: “When you’re dealing with something that is still so culturally relevant, and sort of such a pillar of our culture…

“If you’re going to mess with that, that’s some pretty risky territory.

“So my feeling is — and I could be completely wrong — is that they would cancel it before they would change it [creatively].”

Before the merger Fox had renewed the show for another two seasons, keeping it running until 2021 but Yeardley’s comments will worry fans who may have been already concerned about Disney’s influence on the show.

Fans were quick to point out that The Simpsons actually predicted the Disney – Fox merger twenty years ago.

In the 1998 episode When You Dish Upon A Star, which had guest appearances from Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger and Ron Howard, there’s one scene that shows the outside of the 20th Century Fox Studio.

Only beneath that sign reads “A Division of Walt Disney Co.”

It’s worth remembering that there are over 600 episodes of The Simpsons – so there’s bound to be some kind of crossover between what goes on in real life and on the show.

Still, the accuracy of some of the instances is really quite bizarre.

From Donald Trump stepping into office, to the corruption scandal that rocked FIFA, to Greece’s economic collapse, the list goes on.

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