The Supernanny Is Officially Returning To Screens In 2020

Scary Poppins is back


Get ready to take a time out on the naughty step because Supernanny is officially coming back. In an era of TV revivals for the likes of Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Revenge, and our continued hopes for more Simple Life, the return of Supernanny is an unexpected surprise.

After eight years off our screens, Jo Frost is back to offer a stern stance on wayward children. Up there with the Demon Headmaster, Frost was one person you always knew not to mess with. Dealing with tantrum toddlers, there was no troubled household Frost couldn’t wave her magic wand over and fix.

Effectively the TV version of Mary Poppins, Frost ruled Supernanny with an iron fist between 2004 and 2011. Leading a whopping seven UK seasons and seven US outings, Frost meant business. Although there were spin-off shows like the short-lived Jo Frost: Family Matters — basically Jeremy Kyle with kids — nothing quite lived up to Supernanny.

According to Good Housekeeping, Frost will be giving naughty kids a ‘frosty’ reception when she returns for a brand new season of 20 episodes. Speaking to the site, Supernanny herself explained, “It feels wonderful to continue helping families.

“I never went away. I’ve always been helping families. But I’m very excited to be back on Supernanny, the brand I started.”

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Supernanny was due to land late 2019, but will now premiere on January 1, 2020 — just after a new episode of Married at First Sight. There’s also a gritty Taken-style trailer where Frost channels her inner Liam Neeson.

While there will be a twist on the classic Supernanny formula, Frost promises the core of the show will still be the same: “The show is exactly what fans have been asking for over the years. That is more help, more tangible advice, and techniques to make their lives a lot less complicated.”

For the first time, Supernanny will also be tackling older kids and other family issues, including a hard-hitting look at postpartum depression. Frost continued, “We’re looking at families who have older children as well now. If you think about the first run of Supernanny, predominantly, it dealt with young children whose behavior was naughty.

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“The Supernanny that you’re going to see is about the whole family, with kids of all different types of ages. We’re addressing not just behavior that has spiraled out of control. We’re really taking a look at real families, and looking at the issues that they face every day.” 

Other episodes will tackle social media, managing sleep, and eating healthily. Here’s hoping a spoonful of sugar helps the new Supernanny go down.

[Featured Image: Channel 4/Lifetime]

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