The Trailer For Jennifer Aniston And Steve Carell’s New Series Looks Amazing

News team, asssssssemble

The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell’s new show promises to give us a fresh look at the comedic pair as they take over our screens in a big way. Best-known as the loveable Rachel Green on Freinds and Michael Scott on the American remake of The Office, both Carell and Aniston have carved themselves an impressive acting career.

Already dubbed The Office meets Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon (of BLL) had nabbed the pair for her show. The Morning Show is part of Apple’s new streaming service as the tech service aims to get a slice of Netflix and Amazon’s pie.

The first trailer is particularly mysterious, and although we don’t see the stars in action, we hear a little bit of what’s going on behind the scenes of America’s morning news. One line has Aniston’s character declaring, “Don’t you ever question my integrity in my own house again,” while Carell’s muses, “I feel like people are screaming for an honest conversation.”

While the dynamic duo feature as The Morning Show‘s anchors, it’s unclear where Witherspoon’s character fits into the piece. Witherspoon puts on her best southern accent and can be heard saying, “I push. It’s just my nature.” She’s later seen in her dressing room adorned with Emmy awards.

Jennifer Aniston The Morning Show copy
Apple TV+

Speaking earlier this year at an Apple event, Aniston told crowds (via ET), “We engage in conversation[s] people are a little too afraid to have unless they’re behind closed doors.”

She went on to explain how The Morning Show will explore the “power dynamics between men and women in the high stakes world of morning news shows.” Carell promised that he will be the token “manliness” and dubbed his character as “bold and dynamic, with a lot of gravitas. He’s a great listener and relatable and extremely handsome.”

The Morning Show is loosely based on CNN correspondent Brian Stetler’s 2013 book, Top of the Morning. The series is written by Kerry Ehrin and Stetler also serves as a consultant. Other stars include Black Mirror‘s Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Watchmen‘s Billy Crudup, and Lost‘s Néstor Carbonell.

Will Ferrell Anchorman
DreamWorks Pictures

Personally, I think it looks more like a serious version of Anchorman — a movie that Carell ironically starred in. However, I doubt we’ll get much of a Ron Burgundy homage and I don’t expect you’ll hear any references to a whale’s v*gina.

We’re no stranger to newsroom shows. You might remember Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom (starring Jeff Daniels) or Tina Fey’s comedic Great News. Coming to Apple TV+ later this year, The Morning Show looks like it’s bringing something new to the table.

[Featured Image: Apple TV+]

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