The Trailer For Kevin Hart And Bryan Cranston’s New Movie Hit Us Right In The Feels

Prepare yourself for a cry-laugh.


Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston are both superstars of the comedy genre and now they’re teaming up.

Only their new flick quite blatantly isn’t going to be an out-and-out comedy, rather something way more emotional.

The Upside is a remake of French hit The Intouchables, following the blossoming friendship between a former criminal and a paralysed billionaire.

The trailer, which you can watch below, gives a snapshot of that friendship with Dell Scott (Kevin Hart) learning to care for Philip Lacase (Bryan Cranston).

The Upside actually premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2017, but will not be released until 2019.

The original Intouchables ranks among the highest-grossing non-English-language films of all time with a worldwide take north of $426 million.

Joining the cast of the remake are some pretty notable names, Nicole Kidman, Julianna Margulies and Aja Naomi King.

Having been originally produced by the Weinstein company, the movie faced complications in its release. The scandal meant there was no money to promote it, leading it to miss it’s scheduled March 2018 release.

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