The UK Is Set For A Bank Holiday Heatwave This Weekend



Temperatures could soar as high as 22C on Friday just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

That means the UK is set to have hotter and less cloudy weather than Spain and Greece thanks to a wave of Mediterranean air.

The Met Office predicts the high temperatures as cold air from Scandinavia is forced out.

Before that though, Britons will have to endure a the regular cold and wet days we’ve all become used to.


Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “There will be a chilly start out there this Monday morning.

“England and Wales will start off with a dry, frosty, cold start.

“There will be splashes of rain across parts of Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and up into Northern Ireland.”

Luckily though, most parts of the UK look set to stay dry as the week starts.

Greg went on: “We’ve got plenty of sunshine across western Scotland, a little bit of cloud and rain across the east, but even here most places are dry.”

He added: “As we go through Monday itself there will be plenty of sunshine through much of England and into Wales, northwest England and Scotland.”

Along the North Sea coast, Greg warned: “Temperatures will be 9 or 10C with one or two splashes of rain.

“Later in the week, temperatures are set to soar, caused by an Atlantic frontal system trying to move in from the west which is being blocked by a large area of high pressure.

“This will bring bright and sunny weather, carried on the southeasterly winds.”

He added the welcome news that “This is going to draw in warmer air from the continent and temperatures are set to rise as the week goes on.”

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